The top 5 universities in Australia are located in cities across the country. Usually to deserve top place, they are graded according to the student body, employability of the graduates from the universities and the student and faculty comfort and relationships. Here is a list of the top 5 universities in Australia.

1. Australian National University

Ranked at number 24 in the world, it is no surprise that the Australian National University ranks top in the country. Australian National University is prominent for its track record of research, academic and professional excellence for the students and staff.

2. University of Melbourne

Established in the nineteenth century and hosting about sixteen students, the University of Melbourne has grown over the years and now prides itself in thousands of professional staff and students.

Apart from the educational programs at Melbourne, students can join clubs and societies and enjoy sports facilities at the school. Being 39th in the list of world top universities, this university earns the second sport in the list of top 5 universities in Australia.

3. University of Sydney

Named as one of the most reputable universities in the world. University of Sydney is the number one college with graduates that are the most employable in Australia. The university has over 400 study areas for bachelor’s degrees, masters and doctorate degrees. Sydney stands at number 42 in the world and third in the list of top Australian universities.

4. University of New South Wales

Also located in Sydney and ranked at 45th in the world, this public university with over forty thousand students is one of the leading academic and research universities in Australia hosting the Lowy Cancer Research Centre which is one of Australia’s largest research facility for cancer.

5. University of Queensland A beautiful learning environment, broad sporting and recreational facilities are just but a few of what this award winning university has to offer to its students. The University of Queensland has over fifty thousand students both local and international and ranks 48th best university in the world. It offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in its colleges and graduate schools.