Planning to study abroad? Well, the options are endless. It would be exciting to start your higher studies in a completely different environment. Moreover, there are many beautiful countries with renowned universities and educational institutions, where you can study and live. To experience the best of education and living, we tell you why Australia is the preferable choice for your study and living goals.

1) Globally Acclaimed Institutions

From the University of Melbourne to the University of South Wales, the University of Queensland, The Australian National University, and more. Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. Many international students prefer to study in Australia because of job security. They believe that gaining a degree from one of these globally reputed universities will help them get a job anywhere in the world.

2) Improve English Speaking Skills

During your stay in Australia, you can groom your English speaking skills. Since most of the Australian crowd are native English speakers and it is the official language of the country, you will be able to learn the language immediately. Living and studying in Australia helps you get fluent in English, and also your ears can get trained to different accents and dialects. At the end of the course, you would be fluently communicating in English with everyone.

3) Home of Entertainments

From thrilling nightlife, adventure surfs, eateries, restaurants, shopping strips, and historical landmarks like the world-famous Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Harbour Bridge are the must –explore destinations. Shimmering beaches, beautiful laneways, and there would be a platter of entertainment factors, that makes the country bustling with tourists and visitors all day long. So, there would be no room for boredom or a mundane lifestyle in Australia.

4) Easy Visa Process

Australian universities welcome international students into their communities, getting a student visa in Australia is quite easy as compared to other countries. International Students have to take part in an ‘overseas students program’ and there will be many processes associated with it. Like dealing with insurances, proving your English skills, your enrollment in selected universities. It sounds like a lot, but there will be qualified people to help you get the visa.

5) Part-Time Jobs

Australia provides numerous part-time job opportunities for enrolled students. You can study and also make your part-time income during the stay. You can find part-time jobs during your semester breaks and work full time. Along with your student visa, you need to apply for a TFN (Tax File Number), which is essential for you to get paid.

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