Studying in Australia is an excellent decision for many international students. Australian universities offer high-quality education and have a high world ranking. Higher education in Australia is also cost-effective because of the many scholarships available. Whether you are an international student at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral level, you can aim for these scholarships. Scholarships for students in Australia are classified into two categories. They include:

  • Australian University Scholarships

These are for all deserving students. Universities and institutes take this as an initiative to offer scholarships to students with exceptional calibre, especially those without essential resources or means.

  • Australian Government Scholarships

It is a government initiative that promotes the development of education. The government offers a variety of prestigious international fellowships and scholarships to undertake research, study, and professional development.

Some of the Australian university scholarships available for international students include:

International Research Scholarships at the University Of Sydney

This scholarship is meant for meritorious candidates who apply for a Masters by research program or a postgraduate research degree. For international students, this scholarship takes care of:

  • Three years of living expenses and an additional room for a semester for Ph.D. students.
  • Tuition fee

International Scholarships at Macquarie University

The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at Macquarie University is meant for outstanding international students. It helps them pay their tuition fees. It is suitable for students pursuing postgraduate or undergraduate degrees at Macquarie University. The average amount of money that students get is AUD$10,000.

Graduate Research Scholarships at the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne started this reputable scholarship. It is a form of Graduate Research Scholarship aimed to award both exceptional international and domestic research students. The scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fee waiver
  • Living expense allowance
  • Location change grant
  • Health cover options

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Melbourne established this scholarship for outstanding undergraduate students from other countries apart from Australia and New Zealand in recognition of their significant inputs. The university designed this scholarship for international students who contribute towards the multicultural milieu of the student population. For undergraduate courses, there are fifty such awards and they could either be:

  • The tuition fee can be reduced by $10,000 in the first year of pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • A 50 percent fee reduction for the 3-year duration of an undergraduate degree.
  • A 100 percent fee reduction for the 3-year duration of an undergraduate program.

Adelaide Scholarship International

This scholarship is provided by the University of Adelaide and is for superior and eligible international postgraduate students doing research. It is or students who can help the university in its research activities. It covers yearly living allowances, tuition fees, and health insurance.

Australian National University (ANU) Scholarships

Several ANU scholarships, grants and fellowships are available to international students at all study levels.

La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is for international students pursuing taught undergraduate or graduate programs.

Many other scholarships are available for international students in Australia. As an international student, it is advisable to use the services of a counseling agency like Transatlantic Education and Student Services that can help you find the right scholarship and achieve your Australian study and living goals.