As the spread of the corona virus is alarming everywhere, if you are an international student studying in Australia you might have questions regarding your stay, travel, and more. Moreover, many of you may have already started to feel a little trepidation at the possibility of being vulnerable to the virus attack. But, not to worry! We are here to give the answers that help you understand the current situation about it.

Corona Virus Effect In Australia

If you’re an international student studying in Australia, we are pleased to tell you that you are living in the least-affected country. So, far only a few hundred cases have been confirmed in Australia as compared to thousands of cases in countries like Italy, Iran, Spain, Korea, Germany, USA, UK and more. Life in Australia is quite normal although the outbreak is getting some traction, however, it is still a safe place to live in. People don’t feel a big threat to this pandemic virus, as they continue to go to work, study, and relax around the country adhering to the Government’s measures for virus spread.

In some places, we see a drastic decline in tourism and the popular tourist spots are empty. If you want to visit another strongly affected country for a holiday, you may have to face trouble in getting back from the country so, we suggest you stay in Australia until this settles down.

What Do International Students Need To Know?


The Australian government has been supportive to tackle this situation with the Self Quarantine (stay at home) for 2-3 weeks, and this will not affect your visa condition of having to attend the class or work. 

The government has instructed travellers from other countries to self-isolate and monitor their symptoms from the date they arrived in Australia.

They have also temporarily suspended travel from mainland China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy to Australia. This travel ban applies to everyone and will continue to be reviewed by the Australian Government. At Transatlantic, we will monitor the situation and will advise the students when necessary.

Medical Facilities       

When it comes to medical facilities, Australia’s health system is considered to be one of the best in the world, and none of the confirmed cases had a bad ending. The medical infrastructure and services in Australia are second to none.

If you are a student and have medical insurance, you need not worry at all; your insurance will have these inclusions like meeting the doctor, billing, and laboratory testing.

Over To You

We hope this information helps you, and if you have decided to return to your home, you must keep a check on airline updates. Some countries have imposed travel bans and flight travels prove to be expensive at this point. 

Also, the situation in your home country may not be the best, so if you are concerned about your studies and travel, we’re here to help. For more information, give us a call on  +61 3 9863 6360 today.